What I’m Reading

Hey y’all! Wow, it has been quite a while since I actually set aside time to blog. While I’d love to tell you all the things I’ve been working on (spoiler alert: not all are productive or healthy, haha) the truth of that matter is, I actually missed blogging! I’ve realized that this is one thing I actually get to do how I want and when I want anddd I love it here. Also, if I buy one more fragrance I’m going to scream so I NEED to do this. It’s s not you, it’s me!

Over the past few months I have discovered a passion for all the things but the way these books have me in a chokehold is truly unbelievable. I’m not sure about how you grew up, but for me, reading was used as a form of punishment. If we got in trouble at school or didn’t eat your vegetables, we were always instructed to “Read a book”. Yikes! You can only imagine how this stayed with me, neatly tucked away in the back of my mind. At this big age, I now understand why I struggled in school – I did not like to read, not one bit.

After discovering books and genres that I actually find interesting (and a few helpful therapy sessions), I’m happy to say I’ve retrained my brain and now I simply can’t get enough of reading! I READ EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE. I love physical books just as much as I love an audiobook and sometimes I read two at a time. I read while taking a bath, I listen on my way into the office or while grocery shopping. I read things recommended by friends, the internet and some authors lure me in with the book cover design. This is not calculated, there is no method to the madness. Every book I’ve read has been a great book because I’ve started and finished it.

What I know now is, there is no correct way to read and you can do it for fun, not because you’re being punished. You do what works for you and whatever you do, don’t read shame people. We’re all doing our best!

You can find the books I’ve read in my Amazon Storefront. Of course, I’ll be updating this regularly as I read more! Most importantly please share some of your favorites!

June 13, 2022